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Radical Reels Tour

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at Jul 9th 2016 4:18pm
By Administrator

Radical Reels Tour

Faster, steeper, higher, deeper - the Banff Mountain Film Festival’s RADICAL REELS Tour is coming back to Australia!

Lovers of heights are in for a treat this year with a Canadian duo pushing the boundaries of paraglider distance travel in the film Rocky Mountain Traverse.  A band of kayakers will push things to the limit in the thrilling Chasing Niagara and iceclimbing enthusiasts will get their fix in the visually stunning Ice Climbing Trifecta.

Catch the steepest and deepest in high-adrenaline outdoor sport films when the 2016 Radical Reels Tour tours Australia this October and November. Growing from the largest and most prestigious mountain film festival, the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, Radical Reels screens the most dynamic action sports films, audience-tested and programmed for maximum excitement.

Climbers will be delighted by a free climbing attempt on the Nose’ famous Golden Gate route by the tenacious Emily Harrington and the photographers in the crowd will be treated with a behind the lens look at adventure photography in the film Mysteries. Hurtle down steep rocky paths, risk it all to highline between rock pinnacles, paddle crazy and hectic conditions, suffer through a desert tower climbing epic, and much more at the 2016 Radical Reels Tour.

To be selected for the Radical Reels tour films need to have the adrenaline level turned up to the max.  The 2016 Radical Reels Australian tour features 9 films and has something for every kind of adrenaline junkie.  Via Ferrata on a Mountain Bike will have you ride a precarious path on steep alpine terrain that doesn’t typically see mountain bikers while Balloonskiing pioneers the radical new hybrid sport allowing access to pristine virgin powder.

Grab your tickets and hang on to your seats as we present the world’s best action films on skiing, paragliding, climbing, biking, paddline and more – all brought to life on the big screen.

Catch The Radical Reels Tour from November 25 – 26 at Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns. Our Cairns Accommodation is just minutes away from Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns.

Choose from our one bedroom apartment, two bedroom apartment and two bedroom apartment with disabled facilities. Our room amenities include air-conditioning, ceiling fans, a fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, broadband internet and WiFi access, bed linen and towels, free cable TV, flat screen TV and others.

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